Victor Valley Transit Authority will require new photo identification cards for all passengers using discount passes, including Veteran, Senior, Disabled, Medicare, Student, and Direct Access, beginning Saturday, July 1, 2017. Current passenger ID cards will become obsolete at that time. Current discount pass holders may begin replacing their existing IDs on Monday, April 3, 2017. There is no replacement charge for upgrading to a new photo ID card. Passengers may begin the replacement process online at or via email at

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To complete the replacement process via email or online, passengers must provide a photo copy of their valid government-issued ID, their photo, mailing address, email address, and applicable discount certification. Photos should display the passenger from the shoulders up and may be taken with a mobile phone using its flash.

Alternatively, passengers who do not have a camera or camera phone may visit the VVTA Hesperia or Barstow location during regular business hours to submit the required information, documentation, and take the ID card photo. VVTA Hesperia is located at 17150 Smoke Tree Street, Hesperia, and is served by Route 46 via 44, 45, and 48. VVTA Barstow is located at 1612 State Street, Barstow, and is served by Route 1.

If you have any questions, please call VVTA Reception at (760) 948-4021 Ext. 123 or first dial 711 for telephone for the hearing impaired (TDD) service.