VVTA Direct Access (ADA) certified riders are NOT REQUIRED TO PRESENT a VVTA-ISSUED PHOTO ID to ride Direct Access. Any government-issued photo ID is sufficient and must presented to the driver along with the VVTA Direct Access Card. However, a VVTA-issued Photo ID can be used alone and replace the need to show 2 different forms of identification to the driver (photo & ADA card). Additionally, VVTA Photo IDs can be used for identification purposes wherever you go. Complimentary VVTA Photo IDs can be obtained during regular business hours (M-F 8:30 – 4:30), at VVTA Hesperia (17150 Smoke Tree Street) At VVTA Barstow (1612 State Street) you can have a photo taken and a VVTA Photo ID will be mailed. Regular Direct Access fares apply if you chose to schedule a ride to VVTA offices.

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SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO ID ONLINE OR BY EMAIL For your convenience, you can simply email VVTA your photo (head shots only i.e. from the shoulders up and may be taken with a mobile phone using its flash) to Info@VVTA.org. We will confirm your status and mail your completed Photo ID directly to you. To complete the VVTA Photo ID process, passengers must provide a photo copy of their valid government-issued ID, their photo, mailing address, email address, and applicable discount certification. FIXED ROUTE DISCOUNTED FARES On VVTA fixed routes, a Medicaid, a Senior ID, a VVTA Disabled Card, a Veteran’s ID, or a Student Pass is required to receive a discount. In addition, a Photo ID must be shown to the bus driver to receive the Discount Fare. However, a VVTA-Issued Photo ID is NOT REQUIRED. PHOTO ID REQUIRED FOR BOTH FIXED ROUTE & DIRECT ACCESS If you are riding either Direct Access (ADA) or Fixed Route and expecting to pay a discount fare or are presenting a discount bus pass, please show your photo ID along with your discount ID / student bus pass when boarding any VVTA bus or ADA vehicle. The Photo ID is Required. Drivers who do not ask to see your photo ID are being negligent, since all drivers are required to check your Photo ID in addition to your fare / bus pass. HAVE YOUR PHOTO ID AND PASS READY WHEN BOARDING Pleased don’t slow down the bus schedule by having to fumble for your photo ID, have it out and ready to show the bus driver as you board at you bus stop.