How It Works!

VVTA CarShare is for licensed drivers, 21 and older, who need a vehicle for just an hour or two but don’t want to borrow or rent a car for the entire day. For $5 an hour, members can reserve a well maintained Nissan Altima (sedan) or Dodge Caravan (minivan). Once you become a member, you’re able to reserve a car online for the date and time you need it.

CarShare Brochure

Where’s My Vehicle?

Once reserved online, registered members have easy access to vehicles located at Desert Communities Federal Credit Union at 1001 West Broadway Street in Needles. Your membership card unlocks the vehicle. The key and fuel card are inside. Drive away. And return it to the same location. It’s a no-hassle rental. 

Huge Benefits

• Low, hourly rates of just $5 an hour.
• Fast, automated, online reservations without all the paperwork of typical rentals.
• A clean, well maintained Nissan Altima (sedan) or Dodge Caravan (mini-van) available.
• A free gas card will be provided in the vehicle.*
• A “failure to refuel” fee will apply for Members who return a vehicle with less than ¼ of a tank of gas.
• Liability insurance coverage for physical damage.
• Dedicated Parking; one convenient pick-up and return location.